Cull Index Issue - List Item 0 Gives weird Integer

Hello to everyone.

I know a lot of people say this at the beginning of almost every question, but I also have a problem which might seem dumb and/or super easy. Therefore please excuse my ignorance.

What I am struggling with is that I am using List Item to extract the first item (0) of a list and instead of getting that as an integer, I come out with a weird number (223).
To further elaborate on my process, I use Pufferfish to tween the two guiding curves of a surface (after I have done a clean up of the initial surface) and then I want to use the Pinch and spread component on all the -so to say- “internal” tweened curves. Thus, I would like to remove from the tween result the initial guiding curves by using cull index.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

Cull Index Issue from List (29.4 KB)

The list you are extracting data from is a list of curve data, not integers. When you extract the first curve (at index=0) and then plug it into an integer component, what you get is the length (rounded to the nearest whole number) of that curve.

Thanks David.
I get it now. I was not aware that I can extract the length of a curve by combining List Item with Integer.

It has nothing to do with List Item actually. Plug any curve into a number parameter and you get the length.