Crossection doesn't follow Sweep2 correctly

Hi Community,

I am having difficulties with the sweep2-command in GH. With this, I am trying to create a Brep with a parametric crossection. In Rhino it works just fine, but in GH, the result are some really freaky geometries. I tried it mayself… so now I am just seeking for some help/advise :confused:

I got the gh-File with the internised geometry, and my tests, and also you can see my problem on the screenshots.

I hope its not such a big deal, and just solvable easylie. Also, I hope I explained my problem clearly :smiley: (80.1 KB)


‘Sweep1’ does not distort the result the way ‘Sweep2’ does, trying to conform to two disparate rails. But you need to line things up first. (88.1 KB)

Rotating the rectangle section curve: (87.6 KB)

Dear Joseph, thanks a lot for the answer, I just checked your script.
It looks fine, but there is one important mistake in the geometry output.

It actually looks similar to the Rhino Geometry sweep result, but is actually different. (at the intersection, and at the extrems bottom and top.)

But well, thanks anyways - But if anyone knows another solution, i’d be more than happy

You will understand GH better if you can explain the difference more precisely? Sometimes the expectations are faulty, not the code.

Here is a ‘Sweep2’ that works. One of the rail curves needs to be flipped in direction. I swear, I tried this before, several different ways, and it failed. Works now but produces an ugly result compared to ‘Sweep1’. (93.1 KB)

Thanks again Joseph,

well, yes… Sweep1 just looks better. I just don’t get, why sweep 2 doesnt achive the same result as the sweep2 directly in rhino? Its a miracle for me :D… But thanks for your help.

What is your reasoning for using ‘Sweep2’?

In my last post, I forgot to set the rotation angle back to zero. Is this more like what you expect?

Omg, totally didnt realize that. Dude, you saved my life :smiley: well… a bit :smiley: But really, thats exactly what I searched for… Don’t get why it has to be such a complex definition in gh :smiley:

have a good day

You won’t enjoy/master GH until you understand every detail of this code. Good luck.