Cross section measure problem

I have a cross-section of the 3D scan (mesh) and the NURBS surface (gray is the mesh and pink is the surface). I would like to build a line between them and measure offset length manually in some spaces.
The problem is that Osnap doesn`t want to glue line points on cross-section borders. Why? How to do that correctly?

Hi Marcin -

I’m not sure what you mean by cross-section. Is that a view that is clipped with a clipping plane? If so, in Rhino 7, you can’t snap to the intersection with the clipping plane, that is something that is added to Rhino 8.

If you are in Rhino 7, you can intersect the objects with a plane to create a curve that can be snapped to.

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Thanks. Now I know that I need to jump into 8 to do what I want.