Creating Triangle surfaces from 2 curves

Hi, fellow grasshoppers,

ive just started using grasshopper &
i was wondering if there was a beter/shorter way to create Triangle surfaces on 2 curves.
(thinking of plugins? or different way of approuch/blocks)

what i did was divide the curves into points and then created a list where i create squares which are in conjunction to each other. where i use 3 points of the square 2 times.

my input is 2 curves and the result should be a surface of triangles. (or quadrangle.)

(advanced: if the triangle shares the same plane with the conjuction triangle, it forms a pair creating a quadrangle, continue creating quadrangle.
Finally merging quadrangles in 1 large quadrangle until the plane shifts creating triangles again, unless the statement above is repeated.) (9.0 KB)

You didn’t internalized your initial curve parameter. It’s empty.
Anyway, I usually use plugins like Lunchbox when if I want a simple way.

Or, have a try Relative Item. (19.4 KB)

Thanks HS_Kim,

Your first solution really shorten the ammount of blocks needed which i was looking for thx.

my curve was a curve drawn in rhino thats why it was probally empty?

I was wondering if i still could apply the advanced question with the first solution
(probally yes, i just have to dissect the surfaces again and apply a if the statement was true or false)
which i think the secund option you gave me might make this easier.

Great thanks for the input you have given

See No. 3

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Check this as well. (15.2 KB)

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Thanks for the more difficult answer. i think i can manipulate this to create what i want to accomplish.

as when you increase the count from 2 to 6, it creates a larger quadrangle of the 3 smaller 1’s in your (21.4 KB)

now what i did notice was that the division in U ware not equaly sized lengths (see picture above)
which i assumed they ware. this might not give the desired solution. (25.0 KB)

So if i create the curve made from points (nurb curve) this problem is already solved when i input this in Triangluar panels A component.