Creating height range to buildings

I have 97~ buildings in my work, and I selected their top faces, and made extrude.
I used random component and in that way made 97~ different heights in range of 0.0 to 9.0
but I want to make the numbers as Integers and not as decimal numbers, and get actual heights numbers(3,6,9 and so on…) how can I change the decimal numbers that I get from the random component to integers?


Check this out!

Check Integer Numbers option from RMB context menu of Random component.

briliant, thx!
but now, If I want to get only this specific numbers - 0,3,6,9 from the random list, what can I do?
I cant just to write experssion of X*3 because its will give me only 3 and above. (10.6 KB)

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thank you so much!!