Creating dynamic circle pattern

hi so i am really new to grasshopper. i am trying to create a pattern in which the number of circles along u increase but the radius decreases when the v value is increased.

sorry for the poor description

Hi Sobi,
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Have you tried doing something by your own?
You might find this interesting and useful: How to ask effective questions (you should read it)

This is not really a grasshopper problem; more like a math problem.

You should try, first, to solve this on paper and pencil + some math.

perhaps u r right and it is a part math problem but i was able to figure out the first to rows. i know that u can’t loop in grasshopper. i am just wondering if there is a way past thistrail (19.9 KB)

You don’t need to loop it is simple math !
To “loop” you will need Mass Addition component

trail (18.4 KB)


thanks Laurent. Actually i am very new to the entire grasshopper concept. i do understand the math but was having difficulty actually implementing it. i tried understanding shatter and the split list commands in the script. i did manage to tweak it to my level of understanding. anyways thanks
TRAIL (27.3 KB)

Shatter splits one or multiple curves at a number of given curve parameters. For instance, a reparameterised, open curve has a domain from 0.0 to 1.0, 0.0 being its start point and 1.0 its end point. If you want to split the curve in half, you simply shatter it at the parameter t 0.5, and you end up with two new curve segments.

Split divides a list into two separate parts. Where the list is split is determined by an index. Lists are collections of data (e.g. curves, numbers, points, etc.), where each list item is numbered relative to its position in the list, starting at 0.

If you understand the math it is already a great thing. Using grasshopper is like coding there are many ways to do the same thing. So practice practice …