Creating a surface around a point with lines as boundaries

I am trying to create a surface around a point (center of a building), which is bounded by lines (property boundaries). The area of the surface should be set in relation to the base area of the building, so the order of the points and the area in the list must be the same. However, there are also plots without buildings. Do you have an idea how I can approach this? Enclosed is my try in Grasshopper.

Thanks a lot for your support!

surface around (10.1 KB)


surface around (11.5 KB)

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Thanks for your suggestions.Unfortunately, it does not yet work as well as I need it. Therefore I have adapted the example a little bit. Do you have a suggestion how the assignment can work?

surface around (19.8 KB)

@martinsiegrist already showed you the way in the posting above…

surface around (17.0 KB)

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But he didn’t post a GH file so his effort was wasted (on me, at least).

P.S. Now that I can read your code, I agree that InCurves works well. I don’t read icons.

Your example geometry in this post introduces two issues that weren’t in your first post.
You have two separate groups of plots that don’t touch. Fixing this was a simple matter of flattening the output of SrfSplit.
One of your buildings is not on any of the plots, causing a Null condition.

surface around (21.9 KB)

I copied the code to a fresh canvas because I find the default color scheme to be easier to read.

Thanks guys for your help! I’m just getting started with Grasshopper and I really appreciate your help.

For something so basic and simple, uploading a file is an overkill.

I only added three components and five wires. Come on!

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I don’t read icons.

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You can also use collision

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Bifocals is the nice way to have the simplicity of icons with a small text label of course, I often use it if there’s no need to upload a script. Indeed it looks like Peter used it above! (edit: Sorry, sure you know this already)