Creating a repeation sequence with addition

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a sequence where 2 numbers are added together in sequence. Right now I just wrote it out, but it feels like there should be a way using the sequence tool.

I want the first index to have the first value, the second to have the sum of the second and first value, the third to have the sum of the total and the first value, the fourth to have the sum of the total and the second value. Like this:

Value 1: 11
Value 2: 5.5

Item 0: 11 (total (0) + value 1 (11))
Item 1: 16.5 (total (11) + value 2 (5.5))
Item 3: 27.5 (total (16.5) + value 1 (11))
Item 4: 33 (total (27.5) + value 2 (5.5)

and so on. Is this possible?

MA (Mass Addition)Pr(Partial Results) output.

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as @Joseph_Oster suggests :+1:

and please note this :slight_smile:

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You can use Series

Great help, thanks everyone. I thought of using Mass addition, but never about using the repeat data to create the pattern.

The use of series is also excellent. Thank you!