Creating a group in a 3dm file

I haven’t been able to figure out how to use RhinoCommon to create a group of Rhino objects in a File3dm object. I found this closed issue: which suggests this is supported, but as far as I can tell there isn’t a way to create a Group object (no constructor) to satisfy this method: Am I missing something? Thanks!


you can use Add() to add a group to the table:

To add objects to a group:


Yep, you can do that on a group in an active Rhino document, but I’m looking to do the same on a File3dm object, i.e. a representation of a Rhino file. For that the Group class is a little different: and there doesn’t appear to be an “AddToGroup” method.

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I also fell for the docobjects group table, that’s why I deleted my first answer again… In the meantime I had a look at the code, the group constructor is internal, this is why you can’t get to it from the outside. maybe @stevebaer or @dale can answer why that is?! I just worked on adding groups to a file through python/c++ and it worked fine… so either I broke the rules or the thing should be public?

@fertig, @trygve - I’ve made an issue so we can get something added.

– Dale

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@dale Thanks! What’s protocol here? Should I mark your reply as the solution since this has moved to YouTrack, or leave it open until something is added?

Hi Trygve - nobody here really uses the Solution feature here so that’s optional. When / if the YouTrack item is closed, this thread will be notified.