Creating a curve from points - Filtering overlaps

Hello, fairly new to grasshopper but I’m trying to create curves from generated points that do not overlap. I have a script that is mostly working, but I’m not sure how to go about filtering out the seeds that generate curves that overlap. Could anyone suggest a way to prevent this from happening? The first image shows the kind of shape I’m looking for while the 2nd shows (in green) the issue that I’m trying to solve. (13.7 KB)

I have no idea on how to filter out the Seeds, this can filter-out the self intersecting curves: (14.3 KB)

if you want to scroll between different solutions with a number slider, and also want to always see a new solution for each slider position, one way might be to input a wider number of Seeds through a Serie or a Random, filter the self intersecting curves, and then scroll between the filtered ones (14.7 KB)

Amazing! Thanks for your help :slight_smile: