Creating a circular, hexagonal fading pattern with paneling tools curve attractor

Hi guys,

I’m fairly new to the grasshopper game, most selftaught and therefore not really well founded. At this moment I need help since I have no clue whatsoever is going on with my definition. Here’s my description:

I am currently working on a geometry which requires to have a hexagonal pattern in a hexagonal grid, fading big to small from the outside edge to the inside edge inside of a loft surface. The picture below shows the direction, but is based on a surface domain grid, that is rectangular and not hexagonal.

Ideally the hexagons will be interlaced, resulting in a “blackout” area outside the loft, breaking up towards the middle. I managed to have the base curve moved to the each of the grid points, rotated them to the center but when I apply a curve attraction to it, it gives me something like this:

I’m guessing it hast something to do with tree management, which I’m poorly equipped with.
Also, the second I apply “convert to diamond grid”, something goes wrong.

I will include my working files to this so you can have a look.
Thank you so much in advance for any hint!!

Hendrik (7.5 KB) bezel.3dm (829.7 KB)

Have a try Lunchbox plugin. (24.5 KB)


Hi HS_Kim,

thanks a lot, that works good for me :slight_smile: I did not have the Lunchbox Plugin until today :astonished:
If you or anyone else can anyway explain to me why I was not able to achieve it with my original definition I would be so pleased! But otherwise, I call this job done :smile:

Thanks a lot!

I’m not sure how the Curve Attraction component works, but maybe Curve Closest Point (using the distance output) will give you the output I think you are looking for in your original definition.

Also FYI, the title HELP is a bit of a no no in this forum. See item 1.

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I don’t use often Panelling tools but it makes a mess
The convert to diamond outputs nulls and the attractor component don’t output a value for these data !!!
A way to deal with this problem (10.0 KB)


Thank you, Adam! I will try the Curve Closest Point next :slight_smile: Sorry for the title, revised it!

Thank you Laurent! I will try to understand your part of the definition and incorporate it!

Hey guys,
just wanted to let you know that I did it! See photo below:

Curve Closest Point worked a lot better than Curve Attraction!

Thanks so much guys


Hi Hendrik,
Meine Hexagons drhen sich nicht mit der kurvenferlauf, hast Du den gh script immer noch?