Create windows between two parallet meshes

Hi, I’m new with grasshopper! I’m working on my master Thesis. I created two meshes with Kangaroo, one will be the floor of my project, the other one the roof. I would like to create windows between them. How can i create an orthogonal mesh that intersect this two meshes?
I found the meshes’ bounderies using NakedVertices (NV) panel, is there another way ?
I extracted the points and create a line between the floor’s ones and the roof’s ones. My idea way to create a Loft but I understand that it cannot work.
How can I do ?
Please help me!

Please post your file, and internalize the data. Nobody can help you by looking at a picture.

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Just a suggestion to help you better on your thesis. Since this look’s very much similar to Rhino Vault type project try that too. Because Rhino Vault 2 uses similar from finding approach. All the best!!!

P.S. I’m not against Kangaroo.


Sorry, I didn’t think about it
Thank you
Windows Between two Parallel (22.8 KB)

Does this work for you?

Windows Between two Parallel meshes - (32.8 KB)

In order to do the lofting, I used a component from the Mesh + plugin, Mesh Loft.


Without your file, neither did anyone else.


Old Kangaroo and I don’t have MeshEdit. You could have internalized and posted only the two meshes.

This is a try using K2, and for consistent face normal directions of the final mesh, I’ve used Weaverbird’s Unify face windingsat the end…

Windows Between two Parallel (21.6 KB)


Done it! Thank you so much!