Create Text-Points

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I want to create Text Points with the position-number of each beam. Now, the names are for example “Pos. 20012” Now I want a Text-point for this beam “20012” without "Pos. " is it possible to do this very quick with a script or do I have to create each point manually?

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Yes, this can easily be done in Rhinoscript. Is the prefix always “pos.”? If so, try the attached script. If the prefix changes, I may need to tweak this. If your object happens to be unnamed, this script will allow you to name it and create the TextDot at the same time.


NameDot.rvb(1.0 KB)

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the script, it works very good.
Is it possible to activate every parts and the script runs above every part automatically? i wasn`t able to do this.

Yes, there is always a "Pos. " in the Name.

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I think I could easily do this by using a boundingbox of each item to determine an insertion point for the textdot. Would placing the textdot in the center be good for you, or attached to a corner perhaps?

Could you send me a sample file to test with? Nothing too big. You could send it to if you don’t want to go public with it.


Here is a kick at the can, sight unseen. I’m assuming the objects are polysurfaces. Give it a try and I can tweak it tomorrow.


NameDot.rvb(1.5 KB)

Good morning Dan,

the skript works great!
A last question for this skript, is it possible to group the beam with the text-dot also automatically?

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sorry, the 1st script removed the "Pos. ", the latest Script haven`t removed ist.

Since this script will only be useful to you, let’s continue this privately. I’ll have a fix for you shortly.