Create biggest contour from coplanar curves (like curve boolean)

Hi all,
I have a brep consisting of 2 continuous surfaces, not coplanar. Originally I had 2 separate surfaces, which is why I got a brep, and not a new unique surface.

Now I want to get, instead of this brep, a surface that I have:
1.the lower edge is the segment connecting the two lower edges of the two non-coplanar surfaces plane, the plane aligned with the edge.

Then i Project the edges on the plane i Found

So far everything is ok.
Now, How can i get the biggest contour from coplanar curves, to get a planar surface from it? (something like curve boolean in Rhino).
I tried to join the curves in various ways but I can’t figure out how to do it.
This is my attempt with internalise curves.
curve (28.0 KB)

Thank you!

I tag you who have responded to me so frequently or quickly in my recent posts :slight_smile: @lando.schumpich @laurent_delrieu @Joseph_Oster @tim.stark @PeterFotiadis @Michael_Pryor @DavidRutten

I’m not sure if i understood exactly which edges you want to form your projecting plane. This should be what you are after, i mainly used ‘Curve Curve intersect’ and ‘Sub-Curve’ which is a really awesome component i highly recommend learning and using i have a lot of fun with it :slight_smile: (15.3 KB)

There is also Clipper Plug - IN which i see recommended here alot whenever it comes to curve boolean operations but i never used it so i don’t know how useful it would be

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Hi @lando.schumpich,
thank you very much, I look immediately.
I need this definition for the cluster for the broader definition I have been working on these days. Take a look.

AHA I solved.

You gave me the idea with your definition.
I always need lowest edges of the 2 surfaces, so i need the first part of my definition to get the plane. I solved simply connecting to G input of Project the Brep B instead of the edges from output E of De Brep .
Then i used brep join + merge faces that i higly recommend too. :slight_smile:
curve (44.9 KB)

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