Create a new project depending on OpenNurbs

Hi, i met a mistake when i tried to create a new project depending on OpenNurbs.
it shows that “>LINK : fatal error LNK1104: 无法打开文件“F:/Little_LUO/Study_of_graduate/IGAMeshPlot/opennurbs-7.x/bin/Win32/Debug/opennurbs_public_staticlib.lib””

and my precompiling program will be listed .
#ifndef PCH_H
#define PCH_H

// 添加要在此处预编译的标头
// defining OPENNURBS_PUBLIC_INSTALL_DIR enables automatic linking using pragmas
#define OPENNURBS_PUBLIC_INSTALL_DIR “F:/Little_LUO/Study_of_graduate/IGA\MeshPlot/opennurbs-7.x”
// uncomment the next line if you want to use opennurbs as a DLL
//#include “…/…/opennurbs_public.h”
#include “F:/Little_LUO/Study_of_graduate/IGA/MeshPlot/opennurbs-7.x/opennurbs_public.h”

#endif //PCH_H

and my OpenNurbs install directory is showed :

so how can i link the .zib file?

i replace the <MY_INSTALLPATH> by F:/Little_LUO/Study_of_graduate/IGA/MeshPlot/opennurbs-7.x.
did it OK?

The openNURBS example projects include the opennurbs_msbuild.Cpp.props property sheet. Perhaps using this will help.

– Dale

thank u for your reply ,Dale .