Create a curve from one point tangent to a line -> to a point on a circle(also tangent to)

Hi, i’m trying to create a curve(B) between to points. From Point1 to Point2. The curve should be tangent to LineA and tangent to the circle.
I can’t find a right solution and nothing that fits here so I need help.
Attached my version so far.
Thank you! (15.1 KB)

You might give tangentCurve a go.

Thanks Lars,

couldn’t get that working! :smiley:

that’s exactly what I needed!

Also useful are the Blend Curve and Blend Curve Point objects.

@lars.renklint’s solution requires the wires to be connected in a specific sequence (often the case!), so Merge is your friend here, to make that sequence explicit.

P.S. Actually, the curve in @lars.renklint’s solution is going from Point2 to Point1.

It helps to know which direction the vectors are pointing. This includes the direction of the line, which is vague from the screen shot because you don’t know which wire was connected first to Polyline. A two point Line makes that explicit. (16.0 KB)

Thank you Joseph, that is very useful!

Could it be also possible to prevent the curve to overlap the circle at a certain setting without limiting the slider, like shown on the screenshot here? That would make things easier!

Thank you all for the input!

Thanks David, I will have a look at these too!

Adjust the slider input to Evaluate Curve (Point 2)?

Yes but can I force it to stay outside the circle, so when I adjust the slider input back to 0.5 the curve is bending so that it won’t overlap the circle or that it drags the Point 1 up before it overlaps.
Some kind of getting to know when it starts to overlap and than becoming more straight or moving point 1 up. Something like that.
So that I can play with moving that 2 points around without overlapping the circle no matter where they are in a certain area.
I hope that is clear so far! :smiley: