Crash! v1.1.0 for Rhino Released

Crash 1.1.0 has been Released! :rhinoceros: :rhinoceros: :rhinoceros:

Hello all, I’m really excited to announce a stable release of Crash!

Creating Crash 1.0 at the AEC Tech hackathon in New York was so much fun and the team has spent some time to improve it and fix most of the initial bugs. I’d love to see what people use it for and how they use it. (Keep in mind it is still quite early in Development :blush:)

What is Crash?

Crash is a Rhino Plugin that allows multiple people to work in the same model! it’s Multi-User Rhino!

How does it work (for users)? :point_right: Documentation

How does it work ( for developers)? :point_right: GitHub repo

Where can I get it?

:point_right: Food4Rhino
:point_right: Rhino Package Manager (Yak)


Version 1.1.0


  • Server should work better, as relative paths had an issue (Admin issues)
  • Undo/Redo is supported
  • Fixed Duplication issues
  • Release should work correctly now
  • Fixed stranded Geometry
  • Better Performance


  • Added CloseSharedModel Command to close models
  • Documentation (see above)

What’s next?

  • Mac support
  • Crash Docker Containers
  • Some basic UI

That’s amazing Callum! A lot of progress since AEC Tech

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Hey @mkarimi, there sure has been! All good fun :blush:.

I have a whole host of other new features and strategies in mind. But I think that will be more of a version 2, and in the mean time I’d like to see how people use it as is :blush::blush:

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Just a reminder to anyone not familiar, a group of Rhinoceros is not called a herd but is a crash.


It also might be useful as a teaching aid, as well.

The undo handling code must be interesting, with multiple lists.

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I did think it might be useful to teach with, I hope so anyway :blush:
The Undo code is fairly simple at the moment as Crash just hooks into each Add/Remove operation. I hope to improve it in the future though

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Oh, and thank you all for working on it. It seems like a project with a lot of useful potential.

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Thanks, this is great! Teamwork is a sorely missing feature in Rhino.
Since you say yourself, it’s not production ready - hope you will bring it on that level.

Actually, such a feature should come from McNeel itself. Not all Rhino users are “lone warriors”, especially in architecture!

Hey @Eugen,

I intend to bring it to be production ready :blush:


Does it work with V8?

I will release v1.4 soon which is compatible with Rhino 7/8 for Win and 8 for Mac.
1.10 is quite out of date now :blush:

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