Corrugations in Funnel Curves

Hello, I want to do the corrugations in the funnel, I’m trying to move the points on ground inside like an offset anchored to ground and point on the other end in Z axis and not losing the curve. (133.9 KB)

Like this? (148.0 KB)


I wasn’t sure if you meant to (A) keep the overall shape of the curve the same after moving those points or (B) if you wanted to keep the entire curve the same (keep same endpoints) and then perform those translations as new points (like curve extensions). In your screenshot, however, it seems like the (A) is what you were after.

Like this, the angle of the curve should remain same, and the starting Points anchored to ground. just like an offset without losing the angle of curve.

In this image all points seem to have moved - I can interpret the ‘start’ point on the ground is still on the ground, while all the other points, not just the top (end) point have moved…are all points (except from the ground one, which moves inwards like an offset) gradually moving away from the their original position? Why not draw an example using a single curve? :wink:

Yes, the ground point is moving in z axis

What? That’s not what you said in the original question… :thinking:

But maybe you’re talking about another ‘Z axis’ :man_shrugging:

Btw, if the funnel is to be corrugated, are these curves also supposed to move every other one ?

yes, I’m trying to get the Corrugations

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Alright, @adel.albloushi will save you :wink: - just bear in mind, after receiving my useless help haha, that you said “I want to move/keep the point on the ground like an offset and I want to move the point on the other end in the Z direction” - either the goal has changed or I’m just a fool - but I get it you’re after corrugations.

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not sure how to interpret your request here, but i think you have two options

  1. use offset on the plane tangential to the curve at the ground point

  2. use a sweep1 using each of your curves as the rail, the line on the ground as the first profile and the line showing the z-displacement as the second profile. after the sweep, extract the desired edge


Okay will check that, Thank You

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here’s an illustration for what i was talking about
Corrugations [demo] .gh (150.3 KB)