Coronavirus ventilator challenge

We are seeking for digitally distributable designs (production-ready CAD-files) for non-invasive ventilators, to provide governments and states around the world access to blueprints of non-invasive ventilators for download. Based on this, decentral production via global 3D-printing capacities is possible.

This equipment should only be used in state of emergency for a decentral treatment of non-intensive-COVID-19-patients to reduce the demand for hospitalization. Furthermore, the selected designs have to be distributed globally “free to use” in order to enable large scale production.

Prices for winning this challenge:

  • First place: 100 T€
  • Second place: 50 T€
  • Third place: 25 T€

Criteria (the criteria can be refined during the challenge due to changes of the situation):

  • It is important that these designs can be produced in a cost effective and resource saving manner, using rapid manufacturing techniques (e.g.3D-printing)
  • Th ventilators must be easily calibrated by non-/minimally-trained staff using basic patient information like height, weight, BMI and other easily accessible information;
  • Provide, at minimum, 10 BPM (breaths per minute);
  • Made using existing or easily available or printable parts;
  • Uses no oxygen source, or ambient air as an oxygen source but can also be connected to existing portable oxygen machines used for CPAP or industrial use

Info Here
two challenges, one for ventilators and the second for masks,

Actually, there are two challenges, one for ventilators and the second for masks, valves and the like. Thought it would be better to have two threads, maybe the Rhino community finds a way to take part, and then it would not be good if the two challenges get mixed up.

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