Convert System.guid to simple guid

Hi all
I’m a new in Rhino in python
I have a list of objects that I selected in rhino.
I wanna store the selection list and later on select it from python

the thing is when I use Get.object it give me the simple guid that I want “[xxxxxxx]”
but when I use the Get.objects it gives me diffrent thing like “system.guid object at [xxxxx]”

I want to get the simple guid like first one [xxxxxxxxxxx]

so later on I can import to object select to re select it by python.


GetObjects() returns a list of GUID’s - as it can return multiple objects. You will need to learn a little about lists in Python and how to access the items inside.


They are the same - when you print a list you get the repr representation of the object and when you print the object you get the str representation. Try this with some objects selected:

from __future__ import print_function
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

objs = rs.SelectedObjects()
print ("LIST:  ", objs)

for obj in objs:
    print ("STRING:", obj)
    print ("REPR:  ", repr(obj))