Convert my X_T files in 3DM

hello can somebody help me by converting this file for me to 3dm so i can open it on rhino please? (172.9 KB)

Hi @jsm.var
There you go :slight_smile:
0980503_ImagineBulb2019_v2.3dm (3.8 MB)

TOP jacob , thanks a lot !!!

aii this a V6 files and i have the V5 . i could not open it

Hi @jsm-var
Here it is as V5. You should mention, that you are on V5 here on Discourse - most are on V6 (and V7), so files are likely to be V6 unless it’s issues pertaining to V5 specifically.
0980503_ImagineBulb2019_v2.3dm (3.8 MB)
HTH, Jakob

thanks to your convert and your advice .