Conic SPM structure: evaluate surface

Hi, I am really struggling to remake this conic structure.

Is it to do with the evaluate surface and circle functions right at the beginning? I can get the script to create the points but it will not do so according to the example image where its a rectangle with a conic hole.

Please help I have tried everything I know how, would be much appreciated if anyone could help fix my script!! (attached below)

page 27

conic (14.5 KB)

I dont have all the plugins you are using, but it looks like you didn’t reparameterize the surface on the input to the Evalute Surface component. Right click on the S input, and select reparameterize.

By the way, when you are sharing a GH file, be sure to internalise any data you reference from Rhino. If you are not sure how, see the link below.

Hi Adam thanks for the reply, I am using SPM plugin, have tried the reparameterize but no luck still unfortunately

sorry have internalised the data now, new link below

conic membrane (1).gh (29.6 KB)

There was a definition that was recreated by looking at the image you referred to.

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