Confirm cancel anyone?

I just started using Rhino to do UV mapping, and spent two and a half hours laying out polygons on a very complex object, and miss-clicked the “cancel” button instead of the “Apply” button and all that work is gone. No confirm to cancel, just gone

Can we get some confirmations on this stuff, please? This is incredibly discouraging.

On a different topic, how about a non-destructive way to layout seams for the unwrap feature? It’s frustrating to spend 10 mins marking seams, hitting enter and then realizing you missed ONE or TWO seams, and then have to do it all over again.


Confirmation on “Cancel” have been discussed multiple times on this forum, but sadly some of the very important tools that could benefit from it are still waiting for this to be implemented. Another tool that may require a lot of time for adjustment of the handles and thus needs a confirmation for the “Cancel” command is “Blend surface”.

Another command that urgently needs an additional safe confirmation is the “Delete named CPlane” option in the “Named CPlanes” list. Currently, it’s extremely easy to accidentally delete a custom CPlane while trying to rename it, because the “Delete named CPlane” option is just above the “Rename named CPlane” one. Rhino does not support Undo for that action, so a deleted CPlane can never be restored again.

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Got that, thanks.

RH-62537 UVEditor: Confirm cancel



Hopefully the “Blend surface” will also get a confirmation for both, cancelling the command and completing the command. Sometimes, one accidental right-click would end the command preliminary against the intent of the modeler, especially while rotating the camera around, which requires the right mouse button to be used if there is no 3d mouse connected to the PC.

You can use PreviousSeamSelection Inside Unwrap for that.
HTH, Jakob

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That is perfect, thanks for the info!

If you cancel accidentally you can get back with Undo.

Hmm, I’m sure I tried to undo immediately after and it DIDN’T work, but I figured that out. It seems that you can use undo to get back into the UV editor, with your previous changes intact, but something disconnects with application focus if you click the cancel button, and that causes CTRL-Z to NOT work at all, until you actually click into one of the viewports (Simply clicking into the app doesn’t work, you have to click in one of the viewports). Bear in mind that it still LOOKS like the app and the viewport are focused.

So, edit a UV map, click “cancel” instead of “apply”, then immediately try to use CTRL-Z and nothing at all happens. Click into a viewport and THEN use CTRL-Z and it gets you back into the UV editor. Using the edit menu undo works as expected, it’s just the keyboard shortcut that doesn’t.

Yes, sorry, I see it. That definitely gives the impression that undo can’t bring back the UVEditor. I filed it as RH-62604 Keyboard shortcuts don’t work after cancelling UVEditor

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Thanks a bunch. I’m going to mark this as the solution, as there are plenty of “workarounds” to all of the problems I mentioned, and this is in the pipeline to get fixed!

Thanks everyone!

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RH-62604 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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