Cone Stacking/Data /// Sets: Series / Range

I am attempting to create a stack of cones.

The desired result is in “cone stacking question”.
But I would like to do it without the copy/paste duplicates…via range, preferably.

I’ve managed to come close in “cone stacking question2” but the legal-pad yellow panels blind me every time I attempt to explore possible solutions.

Can this be accomplished without using 12 data duplication modules (as that’s how many wires run from the first swarm to the second swarm)?

If you’re curious, the reason the definition is so complex is because I am attempting to keep the 2 parent cones at 90˚ to one another. And the child cones are the bottom cone scaled toward the vertex of the top cone. Play with the sliders.

cone stacking (23.8 KB)
cone stacking (17.1 KB)

Have a look at the attachment…

Cone (15.6 KB)

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This is incredibly clever!
And pretty to boot.
That being said, with such mad skills, do you think you could modify the original math-based definition?
I’m equally as concerned with the data input/management as I am with the final shape.