Concrete thread



in case anybody else is nerdy about making concrete :


maybe other people could add to the thread… things you’ve made, pics or videos from the internet, mix design, etc…


it’s not clad with anything… white concrete cast in place… wysiwyg.

a little controversial up here and i guess many people don’t like it…
me? i think it’s sweet.
super small footprint (95’x95’) and super tall.

(Rodrigo Bárcena) #4

Very disappointed, I was expecting a concrete anchor comparative : )

Not really Rhino related, nut here are two accounts I follow on Instagram:


Saw it last week, it was new to me.
I like it as well.
Too bad there is no chance to get a view from top…


I’ve always liked Rachel Whiteread’s negative space work.


Here is an old concrete work of mine…
Black concrete steel and glass column 10cm x 10 cm x 2m high with neon tubes inside.
Unfortunately it was destroyed in our house fire of 2014, all I have is a bad Photoshop retouch of a bad scan of a bad slide…


(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #8

My understanding is that this item therefor qualifies as art…


The only concrete experience I have was testing out a mold at our local hackerspace. It was supposed to be an exercise for myself on surface modeling by creating a simplified puffin bird totem. But since there was a concrete workshop happening during that time I decided to 3d print a small mold and test casting it. Which turned out better then I expected hence the fdm printer.

This is by the way the result of this topic Smooth transition of surface problem


I made this simple bonsai pot out of concrete…Modeled in Rhino.

Most complicated concrete work I have ever done with Rhino was the support structure for a limestone grandstair.

It turned out well…The stair was also modeled in Rhino.



Concrete is nice :slight_smile: