Concrete thread

in case anybody else is nerdy about making concrete :


maybe other people could add to the thread… things you’ve made, pics or videos from the internet, mix design, etc…

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it’s not clad with anything… white concrete cast in place… wysiwyg.

432 Park Avenue - Wikipedia

a little controversial up here and i guess many people don’t like it…
me? i think it’s sweet.
super small footprint (95’x95’) and super tall.

Very disappointed, I was expecting a concrete anchor comparative : )

Not really Rhino related, nut here are two accounts I follow on Instagram:

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Saw it last week, it was new to me.
I like it as well.
Too bad there is no chance to get a view from top…

I’ve always liked Rachel Whiteread’s negative space work.


Here is an old concrete work of mine…
Black concrete steel and glass column 10cm x 10 cm x 2m high with neon tubes inside.
Unfortunately it was destroyed in our house fire of 2014, all I have is a bad Photoshop retouch of a bad scan of a bad slide…



My understanding is that this item therefor qualifies as art…


The only concrete experience I have was testing out a mold at our local hackerspace. It was supposed to be an exercise for myself on surface modeling by creating a simplified puffin bird totem. But since there was a concrete workshop happening during that time I decided to 3d print a small mold and test casting it. Which turned out better then I expected hence the fdm printer.

This is by the way the result of this topic Smooth transition of surface problem - #18 by 2DCube


I made this simple bonsai pot out of concrete…Modeled in Rhino.

Most complicated concrete work I have ever done with Rhino was the support structure for a limestone grandstair.

It turned out well…The stair was also modeled in Rhino.



Concrete is nice :slight_smile:

It reminds me that I would like to experiment with polymer concrete machines.