Concrete Bar / Tables

not a normal gig for me but a local restaurant project from last year…

nearing finalized layout:

indigo renderer:

table formwork… items for cnc in the background:

assembled melamine pieces from cnc:

forms in place, rebar tied, posts welded/bolted… ready for pouring:

magging one of the sections… no forklift access so everything needed poured in place with hand finish:

10 day cure:

forms removed… sealed… ready for service:



That’s just brilliant. At the end of the day, this is what Rhino is really for, helping to get things made.

Thanks for sharing that!

thanks James… glad you found it interesting.

Really interesting and very well presented, thank you for posting.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

Not easy work. I’m not a pro like you. Tried this once as a hobby for my powder room. Took the easy way out and did not polish. Went for a textured surface.


Nice work. I like seeing real-world stuff made with Rhino : )

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for posting this and the wonderful photo essay of the project as it was being done. The only place I get to see start to finish with my designs is when I walk out to the studio and make my design.

Thank you again I love your design.

All my best … Danny

Why have I never noticed the gallery part of the forum before??

Excellent work Jeff, I did wonder why you’d done it in situ, not an easy task when you’re out of the workshop!

Did you polish the top while it was curing?

Guys and where are the photos? :roll_eyes:

Few months ago discourse had some server problem. Due to that server issue some of the photo’s and files where got corrupted/missing. You can’t get that back.

@sam anything you can do?

Sadly there is not much we can do here, we tried really hard but can not find these images on any of our backups.

This is terrible Sam, many of us here have invested a lot of time and effort documenting problems, concepts, feature requests, etc. for developers. Some times they don’t even get to actually review or act on those posts until many years later.

Last month I wanted to refer @BrianJ to a series of posts on SubD and then I realized all the images/videos where gone.

This shouldn’t happen if you really have a sound backup strategy and you had executed it properly. This can only happen if you are treating the data posted here as disposable.

@sam, what steps have you taken so this does not happen again?

@brian, what gives you the confidence that our data and our time invested in creating that content is in safe hands here in Discourse? Or what steps should your team take so the Discourse team takes appropriate action to really have backups?



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Hi @gustojunk I see your frustration. Looking back at the gallery, it doesn’t seem that this problem was widespread - perhaps 20 of the oldest threads from May 2015. Given that the images disappeared somewhere between 4 years ago and a month ago, and nobody managed to notice, it’s really difficult to determine when and how this went wrong. Most companies don’t keep regular backups four years into the past - especially not for things that aren’t legally binding.

@sam I’m curious to hear how we can work to ensure this type of data loss doesn’t happen in the future. Perhaps better data protection practices have been added in the last four years?

All my feature requests are legally binding :crazy_face:

But they’ve all passed the statute of limitations. I’m sorry :upside_down_face:


Here was the last comment on this.

@jeff_hammond Do you have a website with your work?