Component group parent

How to get the group parent name (if available) or guid of the component?


I don’t quite follow, but these are probably the types/methods you’ll need: (4.6 KB)

Thanks @AndersDeleuran
I need to find the group parent of the component if already there is a way , if not i will use the method you mentioned and compare guids

Ah right, so the other way around. You can edit the code a bit and that should do it (using NickName here): (4.6 KB)

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Thank you @AndersDeleuran

import Grasshopper as gh

objs = gh.Instances.ActiveCanvas.Document.Objects;
guids =[]
for obj in objs:
    if obj.Name == "Group":
        for o in obj.Objects():
            for id in guids:
                if o.InstanceGuid == id:
                    print "Object:", o.InstanceGuid, "Parent Group:", obj.InstanceGuid

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No worries… quick warning: It’s probably best to avoid using id as a variable name, as it is a built-in function:

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Thanks for the advice.
This is a test , i will convert the code to c#

import Grasshopper as gh

# Get all objects on the active canvas
objs = gh.Instances.ActiveCanvas.Document.Objects

# Dictionary to store parent group GUIDs and associated objects
parent_groups = {}

# Iterate through all objects
for obj in objs:
    # Check if the object is a group
    if obj.Name == "Group":
        # Create a list to store objects in the group
        group_objects = []

        # Iterate through objects in the group
        for o in obj.Objects():
            # Add the object to the list
            group_objects.append({'ObjectGUID': o.InstanceGuid, 'ObjectName': o.Name})

        # Store the parent group GUID and objects list in the dictionary
        parent_groups[obj.InstanceGuid] = {'GroupName': obj.Name, 'Objects': group_objects}

# Print each group along with its objects
for group_guid, data in parent_groups.items():
    print"Group Name:", data['GroupName']
    print"Group GUID:", group_guid

    # Print information for each object in the group
    for obj_info in data['Objects']:
        print"  Object Name:", obj_info['ObjectName']
        print"  Object GUID:", obj_info['ObjectGUID']
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