Compare Data Branches values Two by Two without itself

Hi everyone
I looked for a similar question in the forum but I did not find or I could not find
is there any way (or a component) to make comparisons or tests for the duplicate presence between the values ​​of the branches of a data tree but two by two and to have the results separated
1- without the branch being checked with itself.
2- without repetition: if for example {1} has been compared to {2} it is not worth comparing {2} to {1}
I know there is the Cross reference component but I don’t think it is suitable for what I want. I don’t know how to do it.
thanks in advance (17.3 KB)

this for the first branch. How to iterate ? any idea.
Thanks (5.6 KB)

It seems you need Cross Reference with “Diagonal”. (16.6 KB)

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thank you very much @HS_Kim it’s perfect, I’m still looking at what you did but at first glance why there are 55 branches as result instead of 28 because …

I think it should be 28

but maybe i’m wrong

You can also try Cross Rreference with “Lower(or upper) Triangle(Strict)”.

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okay i will do that thank you
Thank you @HS_Kim
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Hi everyone
Please, I still find it difficult to manipulate Data trees. How to replace in the original data tree all duplicate items with “null”
Thank you (6.7 KB)