Commercial Kitchen Equipment & furniture

What typical equipment & furniture goes in a commercial kitchen plan? And are there any website I can download the their blocks for free from?

From what I have gathered the most important elements of a commercial or industrial kitchens are:

  • Minimum 2 sinks to separate between food washing and utensil washing, ideally hand washing needs it’s own sink as well
  • Fridges/ cold stores/freezers
  • Dry stores and utensil stores
  • Dishwasher
  • Prep spaces/ Mise en Place
  • Cooker/oven/extraction
  • The pass - where food is handed over to front of house staff
  • cleaning equipment and chemical storage
  • an area to be able to deliver/unload all the supplies is important and circulation around the kitchen needs to be considered of course

Neufert’s is a very useful resource to have for consideration of any spaces, kitchens included.

Seeing is believing, ask somewhere local if you could see their kitchen outside of operating hours, they should be okay with that.

And here are some websites that deal with kitchen blocks:

I hope that helps a little.



Thank you so much!!! This is really helpful.

Thanks for advices,great sharing