Combine two grasshopper to one file

Hello, I was wondering if there’s some way to combine these two codes into one because I want it to seamless. Thank you for your help
general (4.1 KB) (22.1 KB)

Copy / Paste? You didn’t internalize your geometry.

Yes, but I can’t seem to connect the two codes without it not working. Do you know any solutions?

I don’t have your plugins or your geometry so can’t be much help. I suggest that you copy / paste one into the other, connect them with wires as you think appropriate and then re-post a single file. Maybe someone else has these two plugins and can help:


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Thank you anyway

Nicole, I see you are quite enthusiastic and persistent in learning GH so I strongly suggest before you do anything else to sit and carefully read these guidelines for the forum:

You will learn a few things about GH itself and it will open the doors to getting help in this forum. A lot of people’s questions go unanswered because they don’t know how to make it easy for other users to help them.

Now, as far as your question goes, Just select everyting in one file (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C) and then paste onto the other file (ctrl+v). (btw you can quickly change from one to the other with Ctrl+Tab)
Here, the green components have just been pasted into one of the files. (20.0 KB)