Colorize pointcloud with bitmap

I am attempting to colorize a pointcloud through a bitmap. Similar to the discussion in this thread: Texture mapped Pointcloud?

We also use large orthomosaics and essentially want to “drape” the image over the pointcloud, but we would like it as accurate as possible. I was thinking of scaling/orienting the bitmap over the pointcloud within Rhino, then have a script choose the pointcloud, and then choose the bitmap to colorize it.

I am still learning how scripts work and I know enough to give myself a huge headache. I have tried re-writing the “MapImageToPointCloud” script that was in the link of the previous discussion, but am getting stuck when recognizing the bounding box of the bitmap. I have also tried to run the RhPicture that is linked from here:[]=image&s[]=tools. However, I know python and I don’t want to run into the Monkeys. I could easily run the script with the tools provided in RhPicture (I hope), but I am running into issues with it loading the RhPicture. It seems to me that the GetPixel (x,y) in that script could easily be used to colorize each point in the pointcloud that shares the same coordinates as the image.

Any thoughts/ideas/help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hello - it looks like Mitch’s script here

works great for a planar mapping - did you try that?


Yes, I had. But it is limited to the extents of the pointcloud/image and would be difficult to accurately map.