Clipping plane in display conduit, visualization problem (C++)


In a display conduit I need to draw a mesh being clipped by a plane (that is also drawn).

It’s important to highlight the intersection between the mesh and the clipping plane, like Rhino command ClippingPlane does. Though, I don’t manage to get this.

Here’s an example of input mesh and clipping plane:

My conduit properly clips the mesh but fails to draw the intersection mesh-clipping plane:

Rhino command ClippingPlane properly emphasizes the intersection curve: how can I get that through the conduit?
Here I attach the sample command I made to have the results above (it also contains the input mesh and plane):

cmdClippingPlaneConduit.cpp (6.1 KB)


Hi @pagarcia,

There is no magic to doing this in a display conduit. You’ll have to calculate the intersection curve yourself and draw it too. This is what Rhino does.

By the way, I’ve attached another way of setting up a clipping plane in a conduit.

cmdTestPablo.cpp (5.2 KB)

– Dale

Ok! That sample is very helpful, thanks @dale.