Class rhino3dm.ObjectAttributes.ObjectColor


What format should the color be in Python to match System.Drawing.Color type?
Is it just (R, G, B, A) tuple or list or it has to be of a particular type? Pillow?

Tuple or list with values 0-255 I believe.

edit: 4-element tuple with values 0-255.

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Thanks, that didn’t cause an error but the color is not set I assume it’s the ColorSource, now trying to figure out that one.

You need to set ObjectAttributes.ColorSource ObjectAttributes — rhino3dm 8.4.0 documentation

Yes, but these “ON::color_from_layer” don’t look very Python-y I assume they are coming from C++

	enum object_color_source
    color_from_layer    = 0, // use color assigned to layer
    color_from_object   = 1, // use color assigned to object
    color_from_material = 2, // use diffuse render material color
    color_from_parent   = 3  // for objects with parents (like objects in instance references, use parent linetype)
                             // if no parent, treat as color_from_layer

Use the numerical values.

oh, that’s more clearer thanks

This worked:


Apparently, I have to create another object for the ObjectColorSource


# or this :)
attribs.ColorSource = rhino3dm.ObjectColorSource(1)
attribs.ObjectColor = (125, 12, 125, 50) #System.Drawing.Color