Clamp angle with fixing one line

I am trying to control the slope of these polylines by controlling the angles between each segment and a vertical SDL line to the z direction, but is it possible to fix the vertical lines and let the horizontal segments change to satisfy this goal ?
I am anchoring the z of vertical lines end points and keeping their lengths, in another word i want the two pair of points(end of vertical lines and start of horizontal segments) to have always the same movement to keep the verticality of these lines!

any help will be appreciated

One way could be to use the ‘Transform’ goal for this. It lets you maintain a transformation between a pair of points, in this case you would want a translation in the Z direction.

Another way could be to just fix a single vertical line with anchors at each end and use that line as one of the inputs to all your clamp angle goals. For the angle and clamp angle goals the lines do not need to share a point, or even be anywhere near each other.

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