Check multiple splits with Rhino API


I would like to know if there is a way to check if the split has succeed with API. I use VB.Net

The thing is when I split a surface with multiple Breps (even with a for each…), if it fails, I do not know and the result will be be an empty geometry…

If you are using Brep.Split() normally it returns an array (list) of the new, split breps. If that list is empty, it failed. If the original was one brep and the return is an array of one item, it probably failed as well…

Hummmm Yes I checked that. The fact is that when I try to create the brep in Rhino calling doc.Objects.AddBrep(myBrep), nothing is shown. I checked the area of the brep which is not null.

Do you know why ?

Is the myBrep valid? You normally cannot add an invalid object to the document.

You can check with the Brep.IsValid property or set a breakpoint and look in the debugger…

Thanks ! At least I can check one by one if there is a cut !