Changing circles density (of consistent radius) around linework

Hi all,

I’m hoping to write a script similar to a frequently requested one on the forums but hopefully is a little simpler. I have a set surface size for perforated metal panels, and want to change the density of the circles perforations as they get closer to polylines (in this case text). What I need to keep consistent though is the radii size, only changing packing density. I figured I could start to build an attractor script but the tutorials I’m finding all change the radius of the circles based on distance to the attractor which is something I don’t want.

I’ve started the script with a simple grid created by intersecting points, but I’m also finding that most circle attractor scripts start with a grid function rather than my points-at-intersection method. Just hoping I’m going in the right direction here. Thanks for the help in advance and any tips are appreciated!

Below are the two files I’ve started: (9.6 KB) SCRIPT.3dm (81.7 KB)


Same to you, please ask a concrete question and describe so that everyone can decide if he/she likes to contribute or not, without the need to download and open your files…

Apologies if it wasn’t clear.
I have a series of curves. I would like to have a grid of circles over top of these curves.
I would also like to have the density of circles on the grid intensify the closer they are to the curves.
I’m hoping to achieve this without changing the radii.