Changing an low poly model into something that can be cnc milled from plywood. i think I've built it all wrong!

That was a fast bit of modelling, better than a photo… have to keep fingers out of the way with some of these smaller triangles.

You could simplify this by using DupFaceBorder on the inner surfaces (select all and create the borders simultaneously) and use Pull to create the lines on the outer surfaces (one by one).


(Edit: changed Project to Pull, to avoid non-perpendicular projection for single lines.)

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Thanks for your time Jeff i appreciate it. I will let you know how i progress!

thank for your input brian it is appreciated. I will let you know how i progress.

thanks for the input max

Hi guys thank you for all your help so far. We have decided to do a simple 4 sided pyramid type shape first up with i have modelled quite easily thanks to all your tips.

I also remodelled a more complicated structure and set it up for fabrication. and think I’ve got it somewhat sussed as a modelling process. Please see file attached
TimberSculpture2V4.3dm (418.2 KB)

But as a process it is quite tedious the interesting bit it making the initial surface. So was intrigued with your very early comment about making a grasshopper definition, so i thought i would give that a crack. i have managed to build one that works but has a few abnormalities mainly where 3 surfaces meet and it looks like the loft does not follow a straight z direction and i can’t for the life of me work out why.

Also does this geometry actually work for plywood sheets mitred together??

disclaimer i stole bits and pieces of definitions for some stuff i didn’t know how to do and I’m not actually sure how they work sometimes :zipper_mouth:

offsettest2.3dm (47.9 KB) (47.9 KB)

Thanks again for all your feedback