Change Slider Color in Human UI

Hi all,
I am trying to change the color of the slider in Human UI from Blue to Grey, but I found that by using “Adjust Element Appearance” the text color and background color can be changed.

But, I want to change the color of the slider’s bar from Blue to Grey, Any ideas?

Thank you!
SilderColorChange (28.9 KB)

The only way to do this currently is through changing the entire Window Accent Color using Set Window Properties component. I believe the Accent Color you’re looking for is called “Steel”. It will change all accents, however, so beware…

@marcsyp: I am trying to apply what is suggested by you but I am not able to find “Accent Color List”.
Under which tab can I find that?


If you right click the component you will see the option to “Create Accent List” .


@marcsyp Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:

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