Change detail color of layer per detail per layout via grasshopper


I am looking for a way to change a detail color of a layer inside a detail view in layout similarly to this Create/Modify Layers - Human - Component for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs but with a possibility to change detail layer color not master layer color.

I need to create multiple pdfs of the same geometry with different color states of elements to simulate a schedule. Thats why i want to have one geometry and just change detail layer colors inside many layouts and print it all at once…


Different strategy would be to use Human plugin to modify master color and print a pdf from grasshopper automatically after each change.

Is there a good working script to print layout from grasshopper? I have .py script to print but from rhino, is it possible to adjust it so it works from gh and is triggered automatically?

You should be able to take your original python script and place within a Python component that is triggered when you need it to be.

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