Change cell value on surface in Grasshopper on proximity to a curve?

Hi all! I have a grasshopper script that takes daylight analysis from an .epw file to project temperature onto a surface. The cells on the surface are color coordinated based on the gradient node in grasshopper. However, I am trying to create a proximity based script, where the introduction of a curve or curves will change the value of the cell based on how close it is to the curve. For example, if one cell that is red is 80 F, if it is near a specific curve to change the temperature to 78 F.

In my attempt to do it, I have my analysis surfaces going into a list, and was going to somehow find the items that that surface brings that is closest to the curve. The analysis surfaces outputs a collection of generic surfaces. But I have no idea how to find it based on proximity.

Final (133.2 KB)

I have a “similar” thing (for entirely different purposes).

Changed a few lines, removed many and here’s a rather simple demo: modifies alpha values in Breps Colors based on proximity VS some “influence” curves (and their random alpha values).

Good (or bad or ugly) news: it’s 100% C# code. (127.9 KB)