Chain selecting G1 surfaces automatically and articulated male 95th and female 5th percentile dummies

Not sure if it was pointed out but it would be nice for future versions of Rhino that when I import a Catia model that is a solid and only want to select G1 surfaces that I have the option of doing a G1 srf chain selection . It would save a lot of time that way.

Also if a Rhino ergonomical dummy embedded within the software with rotation points at specific articulations would be a nice to have. Just my 2 cents…



Hi Alexendre - as a sort of workaround for the first point, try the attached plug-in. It selects tangent surfaces in a polysurface, so you’ll first need to Join all the surfaces and then run ExtractTangentFaces to get tangent faces from a starting face that you pick.

ExtractTangentFaces.rhp (39.5 KB)


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