Ceossec optimization ans utilization for concrete elements

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From what I’ve been reading in different articles, von Mises yield criterion have no value in predicting yield or failure in concrete elements.
Also, i haven’t found information in the EC2 for using von Mises yield criterion for concrete elements design.
Does that mean that the Utilization information and Crossec Optimization based on the utilization is not applicable for concrete elements design?

If it is applicable for designing concrete elements, if possible, i would love to get some clarification and information on the subject.

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Yoav Hakimi.

BTW, I really hope I’m missing something out, because I love using karamba…

Ho @yhakimi.eng,
at the moment (Karamba3D 1.3.2) the utilization of shells is based on the Van Mises stresses which can be used for ductile materials like steel. For pure concrete - a material which is brittle in tension - it is not applicable. The Rankine criteria would be a better choice.
For reinforced concrete though on can - as a simplification - use the Van Mises stresses to get a reasonable thickness for the concrete slabs. The reinforcement can then be chosen based on the cross section forces and the assumption of cracked concrete. In Karamba3D via the ‘OptiReinf’-component.

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Thank you for the fast responce Clemens :slight_smile: