Center Point of Void Area

HI. I am very new to grasshopper and self-learning it. Recently, I am working on my design studio and I am struggling to find the centre point of a complex mesh.

I am creating the mesh by Proximity 3D and Point by Volume ( Dendro). Instead of the solid parts, I want to get the centre point of those Void Area. How would it be possible?
Thank yous for your help.

TT5 only.3dm (528.8 KB)

you mean these void areas?

your Rhino file has only 1061 curves + 614 duplicates, no meshes/void areas for which to calculate center points

Yes. I forgot to unlock the mesh. Here’s the update file.TT5 only.3dm (9.7 MB)

I see no light at the end of the tunnel, I thought those voids were carved on planar faces…
the Rhino file was pretty enlightning compared to the screenshot :slight_smile: