Capture window and save as, how to?

Hi, I am looking for a way to save a captured image (in Human UI ) but with the option to “save as” saving it in a predefined folder is not an issue, but somehow I can’t seem to figure out how to “save as”?

I am building an interface for my team mates who have no clue about grasshopper, and since they are in a different location I can not predefine which folder to save to, since their set-up is completely different.

any help is welcome, many thanks in advance, cheers, Ben

Sorry, what are you capturing? the human UI itself, or the Rhino viewport?

Human UI supports a “File Picker” element that has a “Save Dialog” mode in the “Dialog Type” input, maybe this is what you are looking for?

Hi Andrew, thanks for the quick reply.

I want to capture the image generated in the Human Ui ( so the window the end users will use)
i see that there is an " open, save and browse" option, I just have no clue how to connect it to the “capture window or element to file” module. naively I connected the " create file picker" output to the file path input… but nothing happened… :-/

You’ll need to use the value listener to get the file path from the “file picker” element
capture (10.0 KB)

perfect!! worked like a charm, although it is a bit confusing that the module turns red due to the fact that it has no concrete filepath input… should be a funky different color, since it will only receive the filepath at the moment you actually save something from the HMI window.

thanks for helping me out, it was a great help, cheers, Ben