Cap holes not working!

Hello! Im new at grasshopper and have been following a YouTube video for a parametric design. I followed the video perfectly so was confused why cap holes turned out red for me but worked in the video. Please help me I am very confused!

If you post your gh file here (with the input data internalised) it will be easier for people to help you than by looking at the screenshot.
I’d guess it’s likely to be something about having an input data tree where you need a list.

Parametric (15.4 KB)

Here’s another way using weaverbird plugin.

Parametric (23.4 KB)

could you please link the tutorial?

Thank you will try this now!

The Cap Holes component will only close planar holes. If you look closely at the breps you are trying to cap, you can clearly see they are misformed.

It seems not so perfectly :crazy_face: as you can see, a small error in a definition like this will cause a complete fail.

If you change the XY Plane to an XZ Plane I think you will get the output you’re looking for.

Parametric (15.5 KB)



Thank you so much!