Can't open dwg-file

I can’t open the attached file in Rhino 4.0.
Any hint is most welcome.

Best regards,

N. Foldager

1½-inch_diary_flange_v1_00.dwg (36.7 KB)

Hi Niels,

I do not have V4 running here but for your convenience I opened it in V5 and saved it to V4 in case you need that.1½-inch_diary_flange_v1_00.3dm (139.1 KB)


Thank you very much, Willem. That solves my problem for now.

If someone with v4 can tell me if they can open the same file, I very much appreciate it.


It maybe that the .dwg format is too recent for Rhino 4 to be able to open. Looks like this was created in Draftsight, but it’s not obvious which version of dwg it used. Rhino 5 says “Opened AutoCAD file version Unknown.”