Can't manage to divide into a closed polysurface

Hi there,
I have difficulties to divide from two closed polysurfaces into a closed polysurface.
here is a pic
front poly supposed to cut other one and vice versa as they are half shifted. I have tried two move them as I thought it was because of diagonals. Maybe I’m not using the right objects and there’s another way of doing this.
Sorry for poor english, hope you get it.


I think it would be better if you could post the file, it’s impossible to tell what’s going on from the image…

Use the file upload button
or drag and drop the file into the message reply window.

Here it is

I did leave the two original polysurface and the result I get from divide function.

bateau.3dm (3.8 MB)

Well, first off, if you are wanting to use a solid intersection type of operation (BooleanDifference, BooleanSplit, etc…) in order to keep things “solid”, you should first make sure your objects involved are closed. They might look like they are, but actually they are not; the ends of the bars are still open, which is is causing those operations to fail. You can use Cap to close the ends of both your bars, and the intersection operations may succeed - but they will not give you a ‘good’ object - read on.

If you work in shaded mode instead of rendered mode you can quickly see the problem. You have crimped (self-intersecting) surfaces in four places, probably the result of trying to run the profiles around too sharp a radius rails.

I would suggest you re-do your rail curves in those spots making the radius larger, then try re-creating your bars and doing any splitting operations you need.

Hmm yes I had noticed those edges looked dodgy so i will try what you say.
But I had caped the objects before trying to divide them. I will try what you say, thank you for your time and explanations.
I’ll come back in case of failure or success.
Thanks again.

Well no it didn’t do the trick… I verified all curves and they seemed ok. Still sharp radius, but ok.
And it is also mistaking at the end of both objects which are straight (maybe it is because the are same width though), and they are both caped. I had just forgot to do it before sending you the file.
Any other tip? Thank you for your time anyway…

Hmm, Maybe you can describe exactly what commands you are using and what you expect as a result. If I quickly fix your curves here and then try any of the solid intersection commands, they all work.

The overlapping ends are a bit funky, because the rails aren’t exact…

Ohh… Here we go.
I’m using french version so the command is called divide (diviser).
I guess it is a cut.
I used to work with 3Ds max but that was a century ago, and if I remember well, it would be a cut… Or a boolean. But I was not an expert.

Should I use another command?
What I want is to glue both parts so I have to get rid of all what intersects between both at the middle.

OK, alors…

Diviser est l’equivalent de “Split” en anglais. C’est une commande de type surface qui ne considère pas les objets comme “solides”. Tu veux probablement utiliser l’une des opérations booléennes - DifférenceBooléene (BooleanDifference), IntersectionBooléenne (BooleanIntersection), DivisionBooléenne (BooleanSplit).

Ahh… UnionBooléene.

Ok pour les booléens, si j’avais regardé un peu plus attentivement les icônes, j’aurais pu trouver…
C’est divisionBoléenne dont j’avais besoin car je veux coller ces 2 objets dans la vraie vie, pas dans rhino : )