Can't find polygon command?

This is probably (hopefully) a very simple question, but which seems to be harder to find an answer for than it should.
I would like to draw star polygons with python (GHpython), but I can’t seem to find the command for it. Whats the Rhinocommon command for creating n-sided polygons? Is the polygon tools a macro of other commands?
Many thanks

Alright, no time for waiting, so here’s a simple solution for a ngon in case any1 else needs it:

def polygon(n):
sector = math.pi * 2 / n
return [Rhino.Geometry.Point3d(
    math.sin(sector * i),
    math.cos(sector * i),
) for i in range(n)]
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and heres the whole thing to make a star:

import Rhino
import math
from itertools import chain

n = int(n)`

def polygon(n, radii, rotation=0):
    sector = math.pi * 2 / n
    return [Rhino.Geometry.Point3d(
        math.sin((sector * i) + rotation) * radii,
        math.cos((sector * i) + rotation) * radii,
    ) for i in range(n)]

def star(n, r1, r2):
    polyline = []
    for i in zip(polygon(n, r1), polygon(n, r2, rotation=(math.pi * 2 / n) / 2)):
    return Rhino.Geometry.PolylineCurve(polyline + [polyline[0]])

star = star(n, r1, r2)

Hi @Jakob1,

I’m surprised we haven’t exposed method to do this. I’ve added a to-do item to the pile.

– Dale

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:slight_smile: nice, thanks @dale !