Can't figure out how to select (highlight for the user) objects

I’m not talking about CRhinoGetObject, I mean select objects as if user had clicked on them.

Closest I can find is this post Select object from code, which talks about C++ being able to do this, but provides no specifics.

Found it… you do it from the object handle itself

      if(auto ccModel = myObj->getControlCage())
        auto newSel = ccModel->multiSelectConnected(selection);

        for(auto vr : *newSel)
          auto grip = v2gMap[vr->index];
          grip->Select(); //here

Also, if you want to draw something in particular when your object is selected, the boolean CRhinoObject::IsSelected() gives you this state. I personally use CRhinoObject::IsHighlighted(), which almost always has the same state as IsSelected() (don’t know the real difference though).