Can't add material to logo

I have a box where a flat 2d logo is placed on it’s face but I was wondering how to I apply an emitting or reflective material to this 2d logo?

In Vray you create a standard material and choose a color for the diffuse layer. Then you add an emissive layer and choose a color for that. Finally you choose a texture for the transparency of the emissive layer. Here a simple squared png where Africa is black and the rest is white.

Perfect. How do I get VRay for Rhino?

I don’t understand the question.

How do I install the VRay plugin. Sorry I’m new to Rhino.

Just do it:

I don’t see VRay for Rhino (Mac) in the list. I tried to install the standalone VRay but don’t see it in my applications.

Ah, okay, I use Windows, sorry.